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The South Africa Senior Dating Group is an online dating and friendfinder service. With The South Africa Senior Dating Group you can meet new friends, find romance or simply meet up online with people sharing similar interests and hobbies.

You can register for free and search the site completely anonymously right away. It's completely safe, secure and confidential:

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The Senior Dating Organisation

knows that online dating for mature adults comes with a certain amount of responsibility. This is why we offer free registration and a safe, reliable and secure environment for you to make contact online for chat, friendship, romance or anything in between.

Know someone in South Africa who is 50+
and single?

Being over 50 and single can be tough, whether through choice, lack of opportunity, divorce or bereavement, we often retreat into our own worlds and deny ourselves the pleasures that we did when we were young. So, if you have a friend, uncle, aunt, mother or father in this situation why not tell them about this site. They could be thanking you for years to come.

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